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Legal Call Phone Recording?

We often get asked about the legalities of recording voice calls; In a nutshell, yes, you may legally record your calls (but certain conditions may apply). In Australia, the laws that apply to phone-recording are Federal (not State) laws; The overseeing body is the ACMA (Australian Communications Media Authority), and the office of Communications Compliance. […]

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Got a VoIP system to sell ?

Are you disposing of a VoIP system ?   One of the commonest “hacks” these days are people buying “recycled” or “refurbished iPBXs” either online such as eBay, or at Auctions or Disposal centres.   The system may well contain sensitive information – not just in saved Voicemails, but in Trunk Registration detail (so they can hack […]

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Setting up a VoIP system yourself ?

Do you make your own bread ? COULD you make your own bread ?  I guess you probably could learn how; If you had the time to do that, that is.  If you’re lucky, you won’t need a trip to the shops – you might just have all the right ingredients at home, and all […]

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Mobile Phone Roaming and VoIP overseas – advice for travellers

Some advice for travellers with Mobile phones: Its so annoying when you’re overseas, and someone from back home calls and wakes you up at 3am as they do not realise you’re in another time zone . There are times that you DON’T want to be disturbed, and times that you make yourself available that do […]

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Things you should consider BEFORE you change your internet service provider (ISP)

Here is a Checklist for you to go through before you change ISPs, so that you don’t run into problems : Firstly, whenever you change services (sometimes even if you stay with the same service-provider, but change your account/plan) –as the service connects via a Modem,  it is very likely that the modem’s configuration will […]

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VoIP doctors

You wouldn’t go to an optician to get your hearing checked, nor would you go to a dentist for your back-ache. But they are all trained, qualified doctors, right ?  So why not? Because for specific things, you need a specialist.  That’s why you don’t see your Computer guy about VoIP, or ask your cable […]

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What is VoIP and How Will It Help Me?

A lot of people have heard the term but many are still left pondering the question, what is VoIP? How does VoIP work? Is it free? What are the catches? They hear it associated with savings and the internet and it sounds all well and good but without a fundamental idea of what it is, […]

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Telephone Service Support Centre OPEN over Holiday Season

Brisnorth Communications are OPEN 24/7 over the Christmas Holiday and New Year period for any VoIP and Business Telephone System support problems that you may have.   Whilst our Sales Department is skeleton staffed for new Account Applications and VoIP service connections, our Technical Support Team are fully available throughout the holiday period for those […]

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data cabling

Queensland Data Cabling Advancements

The Queensland Government roll-out of the National Broadband Network (NBN) is driving requirements for upgraded data cabling in Brisbane. The NBN has been planned to be implemented over four years and completed in 2016. This new innovation in Broadband technology means faster internet available to Queenslanders. The next four years are critical in ensuring the […]

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