Call Centre Systems

Distributed Call Agent Management has never been so easy and manageable! Brisnorth Communications offer Enterprise rated Call-Handling and Reporting solutions that cost-effectively scale right down to suit smaller businesses.

Phone Systems : Hosted, Mobile, Virtualised or Traditional

Every person in your business needs to be contactable whether that be on a phone at their desk or a mobile in their pocket.

VoIP, Internet and NBN connections

What should you be aware of BEFORE considering a VOIP (Voice–Over–Internet) solution?

SIP Trunks & Land-Lines

Fixed voice services, in the form of standard telephone services and payphones, are available to any person or business in Australia under the Universal Service Obligation (USO) arrangements. Brisnorth has been providing Australian SIP Trunk services since 2009 and can help you with all your Voice-over-IP and SIP trunking provisioning Australiawide.

call routing by post code

Call routing to Areas and Postcodes

Brisnorth Communications can provide your business with a post-code area call routing solution

IT Services

Brisnorth Communications partners IT specialists to combine forces that provide one point of contact for all your Software and Hardware requirements.


Your one stop shop for all premises cabling requirements, be that Category 5/6 or Optical Fibre, Brisnorth Communications provides complete cabling solutions, including consultation, design, installation and support.

1300 free call

1300 & 1800 numbers

How to get cost-effective 1300 or 1800 number services for your business

Telephone Peripherals

Whether you need a long range wireless headset that you can take calls with at the back of the Warehouse, or a simple corded version tethered to your handset, Brisnorth Communications can supply the right size, fit and comfort level for your needs.

Mobile Integration

Our MX-Mobile system effectively merges desk phones with mobile phones, instantly making every Employee more accessible, increasing user satisfaction both from them and your Customers.

Buyers Guide : Business Phone Systems

What to look for in VoIP Phone Systems; Your options explained.


If you use the Internet, either for emails, browsing, VOIP or SIP Trunks, unless your Modem, Router, LAN switch and Server are all connected to an uninterruptible power supply, an outage in any one of these devices will disrupt your connection.

GSM Gateway

The GSM Gateway (or GSM Dialer) is a device that enables any user to make mobile-to-mobile calls using their desk phones.

Internet & Data Solutions

Wherever your people are, you need them connected reliably to your server – be that in-house, off-premises or securely over a wireless network.

Zultys for All Your Business Needs

Zultys’ top-rated VOIP phone system for Small and Medium Businesses helps your company streamline operations, do more for less and still meet your business and customer demands.