Call Centre Systems

Zultys delivers the most compelling feature-rich Enterprise-class IP phone system available. Our award-winning platform allows businesses to easily deploy a complete voice and Unified Communications solution to connect all of their offices and teams together through a highly survivable distributed network. Whether a company has one office or multiple locations, their employees can work together as a single integrated team, boosting productivity and the quality of service provided to their customers.

Zultys’ flexible Contact Center solutions fulfill a wide range of customer service and contact center needs –  from  high capacity customer service operations across multiple locations to a company’s day-to-day call and front office demands.  Our sophisticated, yet easy-to-use solutions allow you to integrate your contact center into your overall corporate Unified Communications system to support:

  • Personalized service and improved customer retention.
  • Easier access to the right skills and information, at the right time wherever and whenever they are needed through Presence, IM, Web Collaboration and more.
  • Multisite and a Distributed Agent model that lets you deliver quality customer service from anywhere.
  • Handy tools like Web Dial, Call Attached Data, Call Recording and more that improve your agents’ efficiency and the level of service they provide and let you meet the unique business or regulatory needs of your clients.
  • Agents and supervisors use the standard company-wide User Interface (MXIE) to access multiple Agent and Supervisor Roles and let them log into multiple roles simultaneously to increase your ability to multi­task and handle over­flow and priority calls.
  • Customized reporting tools which allow Supervisors to generate their own contact center reports through a simple drag-and-drop menu to monitor Agent and call status, define Wallboard information and access other real-time reports.

The Zultys Integrated Contact Center (ICC) intelligently processes incoming calls to a group of Supervisors & Agents based on administrator defined rules & real-time conditions. When there are more callers than available agents, ICC will either re-route callers or queue callers with customized in-queue messages and music that may be unique for each ICC group. Agents can be located anywhere in the world, allowing for true flexibility and around the clock coverage, without the need to relocate key talent.

Via the intuitive MXIE client application, Agents may view the status of all member groups, access the call back queue, Instant Message colleagues, change their Presence and view the Presence of others. Additional MXIE capabilities that improve Contact Center efficiency and productivity include Call Recording and Call Attached Data (CAD), which lets agents attach wrap-up notes, exit codes, or other customizable data fields that may be included in scheduled customizable reports using MXreport™.

ICC Supervisors have access to even more features including escalating calls in the queue, assigning calls to be answered by specific Agents, real-time Agent monitoring and coaching with the ability to Whisper-thru, Barge-in & Silent Monitor active Agent calls. Superview™ provides all Supervisors with a snap shot of real-time Contact Center statistics in a single window.

Zultys ICC is enabled by a software license and runs directly on the MX-SE , MX-250 or MX-Virtual (the virtual PBX that  is hosted on VMware). This eliminates the need for additional servers to be purchased and maintained. Whether your company has a handful of agents in a support group or every employee is an agent in a contact center across multiple locations, the Integrated Contact Center solution from Zultys can scale to meet your requirements and supercharge your call center.