GSM Gateway

The GSM Gateway (or GSM Dialer) is a device that enables any user to make mobile-to-mobile calls using their desk phones. They are great way to save money on calls from fixed phones to GSM networks.

Having one or more SIM cards installed in the GSM Gateway, you can make cheaper mobile-to-mobile calls instead of fixed-to-mobile calls.


The Bluesim Desk-phone takes a SIM card, just like a mobile does. The difference is it is a “regular”-type phone, with a large Display and big buttons. All calls are connected via the mobile network instead of via Landline. Ideal for places where Landline connections are not available, or for mobility-challenged persons who find small mobile-phones awkward.

Types of GSM Gateways we offer:

  • Analog GSM Gateways
  • PRI GSM Gateways
  • VOIP GSM Gateways
  • 2/4/8 SIM Gateways
  • Bluesim Handsets