Phone Systems : Hosted, Mobile, Virtualised or Traditional

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VoIP Phone Systems Your Way

Rent a Hosted IP Phone System, a Mobile-PBX, or Buy an On-Premises or Cloud-based IP Phone System to Manage your Business Communications System the way you want.

Brisnorth Communications offer  a true “all-in-one” unified communications solution, built from the ground up to make ALL your communications systems work together by weaving voice, data, video, presence, conferencing and mobility solutions into a single corporate Unified  VoIP Communications system. The beauty of the system is that whether you prefer to pay monthly fees for a hosted solution or purchase a phone system to be housed on premises or virtualized, all the features, functions and capabilities are identical. You can truly choose to have it your way!


Yes! – you CAN “go Hosted” without any outages or service interruptions! As your business grows, you can change, scale and grow your phone system—with little-to-no capital investment and no investment of your internal IT resources.

More frequently these days, businesses are adopting hosted phone services. With Brisnorth’s managed, hosted system, we handle all the configuration, management and support for your business communications system, leaving your IT-guys to do what they do best.  Your Hosted solution will help your business to reduce costs with a low, fixed-monthly-cost service that boosts productivity with its Mobile integration features. With no capital investment for system hardware, your hosted-phones are always the most secure and up-to-date because it is delivered via the Internet from our fully redundant Data Center. Wherever there is internet, your phones operate, – making your hosted phones a perfect Disaster-Recoverable solution that you can plug in anywhere, anytime!  You can tailor-make your own hosted solution by selecting the phones and features that you want here : .

Virtual “in the Cloud” Phones

Perhaps you have already moved your Servers into “the cloud”, and are looking to do the same with your phone system. Brisnorth’s Virtualised “Phone-system-in-the-Cloud” is powered by the Zultys MXvirtual, which is a fully integrated unified communication solution and IP phone system in a VMware® Ready virtual appliance. Innovative, reliable and scalable, MXvirtual integrates voice, video, data and mobility, to optimize collaboration and communications for businesses of all sizes. MXvirtual in combination with VMware allows businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the benefits of virtualization including enhanced server utilization, simplified deployment, enhanced business continuity and reduced costs. It offers a complete unified communication solution in a single virtual machine as well as increased resiliency and redundancy with VMware High Availability and vMotion capabilities.

On-Premises iPABX

Brisnorth Communications’ weapon-of-choice for PBX hardware over the last decade has been solidly placed in the robust Zultys IP phone systems. These are complete “all-in-one” feature-rich Unified Communications systems, ready to serve the needs of businesses as small as 10 employees and can be networked together to support up to 10,000 users across 128 locations. All software is pre-installed. Capacity and features are enabled by purchasing a license key so you can quickly deploy additional services when you need them, and easily expand as your business grows. Zultys MX system integrates all of your communications functionality into one complete solution, integrating mobility, IM, presence, video, and web conferencing to transform the way you work, increase productivity and reduce costs. Call us on 1300 67 68 01 for an obligation-free demo.


Mobile-phone System –  mPBX : the most up-to-date way to Communicate!

Everyone has a mobile device these days, and fewer people are desk-bound.  It makes sense, then, to utilise the mobile device (Android, iPhone or Windows devices) as a replacement for the desktop phone, allowing your staff to make, receive, hold, transfer calls etc just as if they were using a deskphone.  The fully-featured mPBX offering allows for secure, protected BYOD, so that you don’t have to invest in hardware – just use the device that’s already in their pockets, and give it permission to join your phone ‘system’.

Adding and removing users/devices is a simple and highly secure proceedure. Best thing ? – your business gets to keep its “landline number” that everyone knows, and the calls are all handles by mobiles instead of desk-phones (or a combination of the two if you wish) And, you can try-before-you-buy.

Every person in your business needs to be contactable, whether that be on a phone at their desk or a mobile in their pocket

A lot of time can be wasted playing phone tag. New technology enables your business to be more efficient by intuitively notifying everyone on the system of their status and availability. Additionally, the system is able to change the routing of calls to extensions or mobiles depending on pre set conditions such as who a call is from, or whether you are in a meeting or on another call.

Traditional PABXs had handsets that simply rang and enabled you to transfer a call to someone else (we still do those by the way!), but new IP-PBXs offer so much more, with intelligent handsets, screen-pop applications on your personal computer, soft phones and full mobile device integration.

Todays’ business phone systems are true Universal Gateways. They enable you to connect any voice service to any voice device. For example, your system may have desk and cordless telephones, mobiles, and faxes and connect these to any Service Provider lines be their PSTN, VOIP, SIP-trunks, ISDN, or GSM.

Recycling Your Investment

You will not be left with equipment that you cannot use on another IP-Phone system. Previously, if you had a particular make/brand of handset, you could only use it on that type of PABX system, as the handsets were proprietary. Similarly you could not connect any old handset to those systems.

With SIP phones, you do not have this problem. SIP is “Open System Architecture” meaning that you can use any SIP phone on any SIP PBX. For example on our iPBX we might connect a Snom handset, a Kirk cordless, a Polycom conference phone, a Cisco handset, an Aastra handset and a Yealink handset, as well as your iPhone or Blackberry. They all behave as fully functional extensions. You can see this Open System Architecture on display and demonstrated in our Showroom.

Brisnorth Communications can provide the right solution to meet the unique communication requirements of your business. We are based in Brisbane and can help you whether you need a simple phone system for small business or an enterprise call centre with unified messaging and IP telephony.

The strong alliances that we have built with our Product Vendors over the years have been fortified, so we are able to directly supply and support Zultys, Avaya, Toshiba and Mitel products, as well as legacy and second hand Commander Systems and spares for earlier generation Siemens and Nortel branded products.