Unified Communications

Unified Communications – email, voicemail, Instant Messaging, your Phone, all in one !

You can choose whether you prefer a Virtual PBX , hosted on VMware in a DataCentre for 100% disaster-recovery purposes, or whether you prefer to self-host the PBX yourself, on a Linux-based appliance.

Save on Hardware costs and raise Productivity

Our UC system effectively converges desk phones, mobile phones, email and voicemail instantly making every employee more accessible, increasing user satisfaction both from them and your customers.

You even get soft-phones for every laptop user for free ! Now your road-warriors can take their calls on their laptops when they’re out on the road.

Your employees will be equipped to stay seamlessly connected and productive. It all adds up to greater productivity with lower total telecom investment.

Take your Businesses Efficiency to an entirely new level.

In the office or in remote locations, Unified Communications make keeping in touch easy, no matter where your staff are. No more missed calls, no more lost business, no more ringing around to find people. From your device you can see which of your staff are on the phone, busy or unavailable before you even call them.