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We have been in the profession of providing BUSINESS GRADE VoIP and SIP-trunk services, and delivering these to market, trouble-free for longer than the major carriers like Telstra and Optus; We can honestly say “we do it better than them” … because, fact is, we do, and have been for over a decade.

VOIP = Voice over Internet Protocol

Brisnorth Communications provides VOIP services for businesses throughout Australia. Call us for a consultation or check our rates.

You can get any Geographical Number for your business from us. You can even get an International Number from us, for example a London or NewYork number, and have that ring on your phone anywhere you like.

Take a look at our Hosted Business VoIP handsets, and download an application form here:
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What you need to know:

  • VoIP isn’t “FREE” – read on and find out what the hidden costs are.

  • Hacking of VoIP and SIP Trunks is rife, and can be very costly and damaging to your business.

  • VoIP CAN be Secure and very cost-effective if its done right.

Are you thinking of installing a VOIP phone system for your business? Unless you have an expert understanding of how VOIP works, and what its failings might be, you could find that the cost saving benefits might not quite meet with your expectations when it comes to quality of service.  Click here for the COMMUNICATIONS ALLIANCE CUSTOMER BOOKLET 

For example, you may have heard that you can use your existing internet connection for “free” phone calls. This is true to some extent; But your phone over internet will only ever be good or as reliable as the internet service that it is carried over. If you never ever have an internet outage or never experience slowing of internet, you will be all right. If not, then “free” might turn out to be more costly than you initially bargained for.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered, tested and measured before

“…VOIP could save your Business a lot of money with cheaper calls – BUT could cost your Business more by losing calls and Customers…”

“…if you are going to do it, do it right..”

transitioning to VOIP : Can your internet service cope with the added payload? How fast is your internet? What bandwidth is available, and how much of that is used and how often by whom within your business.

Have you ever noticed that when you are in the shower, and someone flushes the toilet, how the water pressure and temperatures change? The same thing can happen when you’re having a real time voice streaming session, and someone ‘flushes’ their email, downloading a huge file and diverting the flow of data. Your voice session will then suffer “jitter” caused by packet loss/delay – the voice quality deteriorates and may even drop out completely.

Before we recommend VOIP services, we always test and measure the bandwidth and speed capacities of your Internet service, and ascertain whether these are suitable for Voice-Over-IP. If they are not, we can provision a cost effective VOIP only DSL connection so that your Voice connectivity is not compromised by data ‘flushes’ on your Network.

Yes, VOIP (SIP Trunks and Hosted Solutions) could save your business a lot of money with cheaper calls, BUT they could cost your business more by losing calls and Customers. If you are going to do it, do it right. Brisbane-based Brisnorth Communications can effectively deploy VOIP services in a well managed environment that will ensure that you have the highest quality of calls at the best price.

You can have a VOIP gateway that automatically controls and manages the bandwidth that is used by your phones, and, in the event that the internet connection is unavailable, or temporarily insufficient, the gateway can route the call via the land-line as a second choice.

What is VoIP/Phone Hacking ? – A vulnerability that could let someone make calls on your Account – you get a bill for thousands of dollars for calls that you didn’t make !   It happens – we see Voice hack attempts several times EVERY DAY IN AUSTRALIA – Be warned !

Systems that Brisnorth install are highly secure, protected, monitored and managed to keep your Business safe.

Its not just your systems accessibility that makes it vulnerable – there are other things besides, such as media interception, where un-encrypted calls may be listened in to, your calls could be recorded by eavesdroppers, and usernames/Handset IDs can be ‘harvested’ for their own use.       It is a wild cyberworld out there !

Are you disposing of a VoIP system ?   One of the commonest “hacks” these days are people buying “recycled” or “refurbished iPBXs” either online such as eBay, or at Auctions or Disposal centres.   The system may well contain sensitive information – not just in saved Voicemails, but in Trunk Registration detail (so they can hack your Lines and make calls on your account) and in the user data; Peoples names, numbers, mobiles, email addresses etc. All useful information for a hacker who might be attempting Identity Theft.

For safe disposal of VoIP Phone systems, contact us for Certified Data Destruction of VoIP Phone Systems Australia-wide.

Call Brisnorth VoIP Specialists on 07 36230800 now for free advice on securing your VoIP Phone System before its too late !

For more info on Phone Hacking or Toll Fraud, see: