The Queensland Government roll-out of the National Broadband Network (NBN) is driving requirements for upgraded data cabling in Brisbane. The NBN has been planned to be implemented over four years and completed in 2016. This new innovation in Broadband technology means faster internet available to Queenslanders. The next four years are critical in ensuring the foundations are laid correctly before the NBN is rolled out across the state.

You can find out when NBN is coming to your area, by entering your Address into the NBN.Co rollout map here:

data cabling

As advances are made in the communications industry it is important that businesses install or upgrade data cabling solutions to meet their Network demands. If your Office Network (LAN) is running over old Cat5 cabling, and you’re hoping to get NBN Gigabit speeds , then you might find that your existing Data Cabling infrastructure compromises your bandwidth, download speed and the capacity to run VoIP service across your network.

Data cables are used for all your IT devices such as your computers, your VoIP telephones, your printers, CCTV cameras and so on. The more advanced and modern your data cabling solutions are, the faster and more efficient your connection will be. With greater Bandwidth, your business will be able to handle multiple VoIP phone calls whilst using the internet at the same time. As most businesses have some form of Voice & Data Network, having the best data cabling platform for that is essential.

At Brisnorth Communications we strive to ensure that our clients experience the best possible VoIP QoS (Quality of Service) over their data cabling network. We provide a custom consultation to discover your specific cabling needs, help design the layout, project-manage the installation ourselves and provide after-sales support. If you have any queries or would like to speak with a member of our staff please call (07) 3623 0850 or email