Do you make your own bread ?

COULD you make your own bread ?  I guess you probably could learn how;

If you had the time to do that, that is.  If you’re lucky, you won’t need a trip to the shops – you might just have all the right ingredients at home, and all you need is the technique of how to put them together, and the time and effort to work the dough, and the time to let it rise, and to bake.

Chances are you’ll have a few “flops” before you master the technique, and produce a decent outcome.  Now you’re a Baker !  And you can work out what it your loaf has just cost you.

Its at this point that you realise that for what it has cost you in time and effort, you don’t really want to be a Baker.   You are better off sticking to your competency-skills, and earning money with which to buy a loaf of bread from a real Baker.

Like as not, an hour or two of your time in terms of salary would more than buy any amount of bread than you could bake in that time.   That’s why you do what you do for a living, instead of being a Baker.

Same applies to people who want to have a go at DIY technology. Yes, it can be fun having a play with VoIP servers and SIP-trunks and IP handsets and setting them up on your Network;  But unless you’re happy to squander hours learning techniques and trial-and-error results, chances are you’re way better off calling in an expert with specialist VoIP knowledge, perhaps even with SIP certification.

An expert will be able to set up your VoIP system securely (safe from Hacking, which is an increasing problem), and in far less time than it would take you.  Time is money.  Maybe your time is free – or even very cheap – but there comes a point where doing it yourself just isn’t worth it. Like baking bread.

Respect yourself enough to value your time. Call in a Specialist, and save yourself the stress, and the cancerous cost of something that just eats up your time.