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Technical Resources for System Administrators and Network Engineers

IP Phone systems of today should all be remotely programmable and supportable by your Phone System providers .

If you have an older Legacy “Commander” type phone system – early electronic,  analogue, Keyphone,  Digital Phone system (TDM) or Hybrid telephone system, you will likely incur the expense of a Tech’s visit to site for even the smallest of changes.

These days your IT Manager or System/Network Administrator should have the ability to make programing changes to the system, and deal with any Adds, Moves and Changes to the system.

Brisnorth Communications supports all legacy Commander type phone systems, and specialises in Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology.  Every Zultys system that we sell comes with Training for your Administrator, so that they can make changes themselves, without having to get a Tech out.  If they are away, or unsure of any phone programming, our Support Staff in the 24-hour Watchdog & Support Centre are available for consultation.

click here for OPTUS Evolve SIP Trunk set-up for Zultys

click here for iVox SIP-Trunk set-up for Zultys

Click here for Brisnorth Test Numbers Document. And click here for Telstra and Optus TEST numbers.

PoE problems ? POE A vs B : Not all “PoE Switches” are the same.

Specific ZULTYS (R) Tech issue fixes can be found below:

fix for Zultys Fax driver installation fail


MXIE SoftPhone SIP Registration Binding Fails

Plantronics Savi 770 or W440 with MXIE softphone

MySQL Report ADO connection Problem

How to Replace Fan Unit Cartridge on Zultys MX250

How to find the IP address of your Zip 2×2 handset

Got an old “Commander”-type system ?

These resources might help:

Click here for a “”how to” document on Commander Programming.

Click here for a document on Phone system Programming Codes.