Brisnorth Communications are OPEN 24/7 over the Christmas Holiday and New Year period for any VoIP and Business Telephone System support problems that you may have.


Whilst our Sales Department is skeleton staffed for new Account Applications and VoIP service connections, our Technical Support Team are fully available throughout the holiday period for those Businesses that are open for business  and need Support over Christmas-New Year.


Brisnorth’s client-base is very diverse: Any Business, no matter how large or small is a likely client – Every Business needs reliable phones … and that just happens to be what we provide !  RELIABLE Telephone Services and Systems – be that VoIP, Landline, Mobile, or wireless connectivity.

Because Brisnorth have a commitment to their Enterprise VoIP System Clients that operate 24/7, 365 days a year, we have staff on hand to respond to technical needs all the time.


Our Customers broadly fall in to two sectors ; Commercial-Office/Enterprise , and Retail/Hospitality.  We find that at this time of year, most Commercial Offices have a holiday shut-down; they don’t need to see either our Sales guys or our Techs.  The Enterprise Customers – International Airports, for example- are 24/7, and we have Techs on Duty around the clock for them.

It is the busiest of times for the Retail and Hospitality sectors right now, and the last thing they want to see is our Sales guys, but, if their phone lines go down, it is mission-critical that we have a Tech available to go and get their EFTPOS  or VoIP phone working as expediently as possible.


If your Business Telephone System or VoIP Communications system is mission-critical (and whose isn’t?) – and you would like reliable, responsive Support, call Brisnorth Communications on 0736230800.