Here is a Checklist for you to go through before you change ISPs, so that you don’t run into problems :

Firstly, whenever you change services (sometimes even if you stay with the same service-provider, but change your account/plan) –as the service connects via a Modem,  it is very likely that the modem’s configuration will need re-programming (do you have those skills?) Or, you may receive a new (pre-programmed) modem that simply requires connecting/plugging-in to the correct line (are  you sure which line/cable to connect it to?)  You may need to call your IT-Guy.   Start by asking yourself these questions :

(1) Do we have a Mail-server or File-server on-site ?

If so, You will have to get your IT-crowd in to change DNS and MX-Records : Your email will be down for at least a few hours, if not a day when you change ISP.  Be sure to allow for that , and budget for it. It may take hours.

2) Do we have Voice-over-IP (VOIP) or SIP-Trunks on-site ?

If so, Depending on your Voice-Services provider, you may have to re-assign IP-Authentication, otherwise your Calls may fail when you change ISP.  Contact your Voice Services/Telecoms provider Be sure to budget for that cost, and expect that there will be an outage of Voice-Services whilst the service migrates.

(3) Do we have a STATIC-IP-address for this site ?

If so, your Static IP-address is used to route emails, Voice services and allow you to connect remotely with VPNs and PPTP connections for file-sharing etc. You will have to get your IT-crowd in to change settings. Be sure to budget for that cost.

(4) Are you keeping the old modem, or getting a new one ?

If you are getting a NEW pre-programmed Modem to swap, check if it will be on the same line (number)  or not ?  And are there any Firewall rules to allow VoIP services to securely connect and keep  VoIP/Phone hackers out ?

If you’re going to re-use the old modem, you will almost certainly have to reprogramme it.  If you don’t have the skills (or the time to spend 2 hours talking to a help desk) to do that, you’d best call an IT-guru to do that for you … and don’t forget to budget for their time, and an  internet outage.

There are ways to mitigate outages, and even totally seamlessly cut-over from one ISP to the next, to ensure that your VoIP services continue working un-interrupted;  We are happy to talk you through the best way to manage that – just give us a call on 07 3623 0800