You wouldn’t go to an optician to get your hearing checked, nor would you go to a dentist for your back-ache.

But they are all trained, qualified doctors, right ?  So why not?

Because for specific things, you need a specialist.  That’s why you don’t see your Computer guy about VoIP, or ask your cable guy for phones.

VoIP is a highly specialised area; it is very hackable, and very time consuming to diagnose problems.  That is just one reason why you should use a specialist in VoIP telephones for business. Brisnorth are the only VoIP services provider that offer hardware and connectivity secure enough that they can guarantee against hacking.

A lot of businesses are tempted to use freeware, and download, for example, Asterisk or 3CX etc.  What they save in licencing, they then spend in hours spent trying to learn the programming, add the bolt-ons and patches needed, fix-up interconnectivity issues, set up users and passwords etc. only to discover that it has cost them more in hours of their time and more anxiety than it was ever worth.  It’s way easier to go out with a fixed budget, know that you will get a system that is simple plug-and-play, all set-up and secure for a fixed price and without all the stress.

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