A lot of people have heard the term but many are still left pondering the question, what is VoIP? How does VoIP work? Is it free? What are the catches? They hear it associated with savings and the internet and it sounds all well and good but without a fundamental idea of what it is, not many would take the plunge. VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is, in a nutshell, using the internet to make phone calls. Rather than having a hard wired landline, you instead use the same line that you use for your internet to make your calls. As long as you have a good, fast, internet service then you can use VoIP and it will be just as useful as a regular phone line at a fraction of the cost.

One memorable example came from a customer of ours who was sceptical when we informed him that we could provide calls to France at a tenth of the cost of a local mobile phone call. These are the sorts of savings that Brisnorth’s VoIP service yields.

There are a number of ways to utilise a VoIP system and at Brisnorth we offer VoIP phone systems that can be used to call out to all other phones, whether it be mobile, regular landline or other VoIP phones. There are services available such as Skype that offers VoIP but only between users that are signed up to the service and connected with one another.

For the average Brisbane phone user whether it is business phone systems or home phone plans, the savings of VoIP compared with regular landline is around 50%. That is an incredibly substantial figure and the higher your regular phone bill the higher the savings percentage.

Unfortunately, if not set up correctly, the quality of the calls can be abysmal. It’s great that it can save your home or business so much money but when the quality of the calls is poor and you are losing sales because of miscommunication or services being down is it really worth it? Of course not. So that’s why at Brisnorth we ensure that our VoIP systems are of the highest quality. We test your internet service to work out whether they are fit to run VoIP to it’s full potential. If not we offer voice only DSL services that are cheap and isolated from data “flushes” that cause issues.

So if you are interested in a quality VoIP service free of the hassles you may have heard about contact us on the number above right now.