Zultys Tutorials

Having trouble with your MXIE-outlook integration or Contacts lists? – Click here for a “”how to” document on MXIE Address Book set-up.


MXIE SoftPhone SIP Registration Binding Fails Рthis document will correct your Winows Firewall issues that may block MXIE softphone.

Connecting a Plantronics Wireless headset to MXIE Softphone (with remote call control) “Plantronics Savi 770 or W440 with MXIE

Video Tutorials –

  • MXIE DEMO : An overview of what MXIE does to make your life easier.

      • Customising your MXIE (13 minute tutorial).

        • How to Log in to MXIE. (and how to Bind to a phone)

        • How to Answer a Call with MXIE.

        • How to Make a Call using MXIE.

        • How to Transfer a Call – with an Introduction. (“Announced” or “Attended” Transfer)

        • How to “Blind-Transfer” a Call – without an Introduction. (“Drag n Drop” or “Un-Attended” Transfer)

        • How to Record your phone call using MXIE.
          Yes, it IS ALLOWED to secretly record another person without their consent if you are a part of the conversation yourself.

          In Queensland, it is against the law to use a device to listen to, record or monitor the private conversation of another without their consent if you are not a part of the conversation. It is also against the law to publish a conversation that has been secretly recorded or to send that recording to others. However, it is not illegal to secretly record another person without their consent if you are a part of the conversation yourself.

        • How to access Voicemail and use Visual Voicemail to Play, Forward, Save and Delete your Messages.

click here to download PDF on how to Play back Voicemail through your handset using MXIE

click here to download PDF How to Change Voicemail Greetings

      • Call Handling ; How to Call-Forward, Follow-me, Find-me and Twinning with your Mobile

      • MXIE Conferencing : How to make Conference calls; Using the Conference Bridge

  • MXIE Conferencing : another “how to”


———- For ADVANCED Users and MX-Administrators ——–

How to change Holiday Greeting Auto Attendant messages

  • How to change¬† Music on Hold on your Zultys

  • How to set up Web Chat so that people browsing your website can ‘chat’ directly (IM) to Operators.

  • How to integrate Skype for Business (Lync) with Zultys.