Fixed Voice (Landlines and SIP Trunks)

You consult a Mortgage Broker to find the best home loan deal to suit your individual financial needs. Likewise you should consult Brisnorth Communications as your Telephone Broker to provide you with the best possible cost savings from a variety of technologies and Providers.

Fixed voice services, in the form of standard telephone services and payphones, are available to any person or Business in Australia under the Universal Service Obligation (USO) arrangements. Beyond the minimum service safeguards of the USO, there is competitive provision of fixed voice services by various Service Providers in some geographic markets. Looking for SIP-Trunk providers in Brisbane ?  Brisnorth are Queensland’s leading SIP-Trunk and VoIP services provider.

The Various Forms of “Fixed Line” Services Are:

  • Analogue / PSTN Lines
  • ISDN (Digital Lines)
  • Multi Line VOIP
  • SIP Trunks

You can take advantage of the best rates of each of the Service Providers and technologies by combining services that we at Brisnorth Communications broker on your behalf for all of the above.

“…we work for the Customer, not the Carrier…”

Brisnorth Communications with their highly trained Staff Members are able to deliver the best solution with the best pricing for all aspects of business fixed line services. These solutions are generated by extensive analysis of your current position and future needs by our very experienced and friendly Staff. With years of experience working with some of Australia’s most respected phone Companies, our Customers have benefited enormously from our services. Being independent of any Network Service Provider, we are able to provide impartial advice on your choice of Network, and can broker the best deal for the Customer depending on your business circumstances.

What is a SIP-Trunk ? – it is a connection over the internet that carries voice ‘channels’ or ‘lines’.  A SIP Trunk may carry many channels/lines/numbers in the same way that an ISDN service does.

What if my old Phone-system cannot connect a SIP-Trunk ?  –  No Problem, you can get a SIP-Trunk Adaptor form us, and connect your numbers through that.  For example, you have a new NBN connection, and you want you old lines/Numbers to work on the existing phone system.  You can keep your old system, lines and numbers and have those delivered as a SIP-Trunk through the Adaptor.

You’ll find our SIP-Certified Professionals are easy to talk with, and able to offer you a solution, no matter what others may have told you.