Call routing to Areas and Postcodes

Do you need to route calls to different branches or Franchises depending on their Australian Postcodes?  – here is the solution that you have been looking for!

Phone call routing by Postcode area

Whether you are a large Enterprise that wants to route calls out to local branches (even off-shore), or whether you are a start-up Franchise model, wanting to roll-out a few handsets at a time as you on-board your new Franchisees, we have the solution that will resolve your call-handling challenges.

The biggest challenge in call-routing based on caller-ID is that the caller may not show their number, or may have a number that could be located anywhere. Brisnorth has the ultimate postcode or geographical area routing system to enable your callers to accurately land their call in the right place.

Full reporting of call handling is provisioned, so that you can see which calls are going where, who gets the most traffic, and the busiest times of day and so on.

Never miss a call

Missed calls mean missed opportunities.

Brisnorth’s postcode call-routing can direct and redirect calls to deskphones and mobiles anywhere;  Incoming calls for a branch/franchisee can ring at deskphones and mobiles simultaneously if desired, or programmed to ring the office first, and then, within seconds, start hunting for available mobiles.

Your branches can be set up to automatically redirect calls to mobiles if no-one is in the office to take the call.  If a call is not answered, Voicemails can be sent immediately to your email (as an audio file) so that they can be played on the mobile and responded to rapidly.

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